A warm welcome to Ooh Weddings

Ooh Weddings, Asian Wedding Videography at it’s best

Ooh Weddings are one of the top Asian Wedding Videography companies in the UK. We create High Definition videos with a creative flair. The old style single camera coverage and ending up with an 80s style videos are the thing of the past. A good video needs creativity and quality of picture to be of the highest standard possible. When it comes to Asian wedding videography, Ooh weddings are second to none.

The OOH! Factor

We have invested in the latest technology and skills to make your wedding video outshine all others. Using high definition video cameras and state of the art edit suites we are able to give the wedding videos that much desired cinematic look.
Your wedding day is the most important day in your life. You spend months on months planning it and you want it to be absolutely perfect, then why let just anyone film it?

Our Strength

Ooh Weddings employs a team of highly skilled cinematographers and editors who also have been working for our sister production house Studio 13. The team has a vast experience of producing over 3000 broadcast hours of TV shows. Promos and TV spots for over 13 Films including Bend it like Beckham and Slumdog Millionaire. Around 30 TV and Cinema adverts for the likes of ICICI Bank, Curry Special and Champion Atta. Not forgetting directing big stars like Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and many more.